23 Fun Things To Do With Your Grandma at Home

a girl hanging out with grandma at home
Photo by Kampus Production

Here’s a quick list of 23 fun things to do with your grandma at home. If you need a few gift ideas, check out personalized gifts, luxury gifts, and last minute gift ideas.

  1. Bake cookies together
  2. Watch classic movies
  3. Have a tea party
  4. Work on a puzzle
  5. Share family stories
  6. Play board games
  7. Do arts and crafts
  8. Plant a small garden indoors
  9. Listen to her favorite music
  10. Have a photo album session
  11. Cook a special recipe together
  12. Try out new hairstyles
  13. Write letters to distant relatives
  14. Do gentle exercises or yoga
  15. Read books aloud to each other
  16. Have a spa day with homemade treatments
  17. Sort through old photographs
  18. Make DIY home decorations
  19. Do a scrapbooking project
  20. Learn a new skill together (knitting, painting, etc.)
  21. Watch funny videos online
  22. Create a memory jar
  23. Simply enjoy each other’s company and chat

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